Ukraine Banks

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    Dmitry Shishkin of Standard Bank is positive that there will be a resolution to the political ..... in Ukraine: the two opposing sides, the President and the Parliament, are looking to reach a compromise.

  • 2

    They are being pushed in that direction not only by the weariness of the people on the streets, but also by businesses that back ..... the respective sides and which are growing increasingly impatient about the possible negative impact on the Ukrainian economy arising from political uncertainty.

  • 3

    A walk to Independence Square in Kiev revealed that sporadic groups of young people on the square (very remotely resembling anything politically motivated) are greatly outnumbered by ..... crowds in the huge modern shopping centre occupying two floors underneath the square.

  • 4

    Not surprisingly, international markets have so far showed remarkable ..... in the face of the political developments in Ukraine, very much to the irritation of many local players who were hoping to make a quick profit on an expected drop in asset prices.

  • 5

    The most likely resolution of the political standoff would be a behind-the-..... agreement between the President and the ruling coalition, leading to an election approved by the Constitutional Court.

  • 6

    Given the tightness of the ..... credit (the spread gap between 10-year Ukrainian and Russian CDS is just 5 bps wider than it was prior to the President's decree), there is little attraction in directional trades.

  • 7

    Ukraine has relatively few Eurobonds, and the ..... of them are issued by banks.

  • 8

    Alfa Bank (Ukraine) is part of the Russian financial and industrial ..... Alfa-Group; this Ukrainian bank cannot only rely on the support of its parent company in Russia, but is a rapidly growing and profitable entity in its own right.

  • 9

    UkrSibBank is the third-largest bank in Ukraine, with a controlling 51% stake held by BNP Paribas; the remaining 49% belongs to two Ukrainian businessmen, who also hold substantial stakes in the country's metallurgical and chemical industries, the ..... of Ukrainian export.

  • 10

    According to its financial plans for 2007, Ukraine will borrow about US$1.2bn externally; this has not been done so far as the political ..... has put these plans on hold.

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