Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    In ..... limited partnerships, investors buy units instead of shares and are consequently referred to as unitholders; there are two classes of owners - limited partners and general partners.

  • 2

    If they increase, bank ..... assets can potentially trigger significant credit losses; they create a serious drag on margin and the bottom line, and they must be financed with equity, borrowings, or bank deposits.

  • 3

    Certain dispositions are not exchanges or sales, but the Internal Revenue Code includes provisions that deem them exchanges or sales so as to prevent the taxpayer from claiming an ..... loss on a transaction that should more appropriately be considered a capital loss.

  • 4

    Mortgages have .....-on-sale clauses because lenders need to know who they're lending money to and when the loan will be paid off; they don't want to lend one guy money for a house then find that another guy with lower income or equity or bad credit now has the house.

  • 5

    The ..... rate, which tracks rather closely with other short-term interest rates like the rate for overnight federal funds, is a base or reference rate which financial institutions utilize in setting interest rates for some consumer loans and most commercial loans.

  • 6

    Dogpatch emphasizes yield and lack of risk in its investment policy and allows short term investment only in high quality commercial paper bearing the highest rating by at least one nationally recognized rating ......

  • 7

    In the first quarter of 2006, the US Treasury held its first auction since 2001 for its 30-year or '.....' bond; this bond is favored by investors because they can lock in a safe, enduring interest rate for their portfolio.

  • 8

    The Bank of Japan provides the markets with securities ..... of Japanese government securities held by the Bank as a temporary and secondary source, because liquidity may decline when participants have difficulty obtaining specific issues or face uncertainty over availability.

  • 9

    The mutual fund ....., seen on the internet at any broker's website or at Bigcharts.com, for the Rydex Family of funds is RYURX and for the DAL Family of funds is FUNDX.

  • 10

    Annuitants or employees covered under the Group Life Insurance program are eligible for ..... benefits if they have been diagnosed as terminally ill with a life expectancy of less than 9 months and have not assigned their insurance.

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