Unsecured Debt

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    A ..... is a long-term debt instrument used by governments and large companies and is usually unsecured, in that there are no liens or pledges on specific assets; the advantage to the issuer is that they leave specific assets burden free, and thereby leave them open for subsequent financing.

  • 2

    June 14 Regular Sale: We had a real big run of cows on an ..... market: overall, the market was steady but uneven on feeding cows; bulls were steady to higher; and heiferettes were strong to higher.

  • 3

    In Latin America, fiscal policy has not played a relevant ..... role: in recession, fiscal policy is typically oriented towards keeping financial solvency under control, while during booms, expenditure tends to expand with the phase.

  • 4

    ..... instrument is an instrument whose value is determined directly by markets: stocks, commodities, currencies and bonds.

  • 5

    Financial commentators are beginning to see the Fed's emergency rate cut as 'Bernanke's first big mistake' - instead of holding the line against inflation, the Fed is now ..... out Wall Street; cutting rates suddenly, the Fed has come to the aid of speculators and the financial industry.

  • 6

    A ..... payment loan involves two transactions: the first occurs when a bank makes a loan and the second when the loan is repaid; these loans are often used to meet seasonal financing needs, as when a toy wholesaler who needs to buy inventory will obtain a loan and repay it after the Christmas season.

  • 7

    Interest shall accrue at the rate of nine (9) percent per annum on the paid-in ..... account of each Partner, as determined from time to time, and such interest shall be paid by the Partnership semi-annually.

  • 8

    A triple ..... lease is an agreement that lets the tenant shoulder all the costs that are related to paying real estate taxes, maintenance, building insurance, and other kinds of fees such as rent; the tenant is also responsible for shouldering expenses for any repairs that need to done to the property.

  • 9

    As its name suggests, ..... IRA is essentially a medium through which a transfer may be made from one qualified plan to another, and if properly structured, money is rolled over tax-free between plans with a temporary layover here.

  • 10

    When your employer sends your pay to your checking or savings account rather than issuing you a paper check, you're participating in .....; these arrive and are made available to you more quickly than paper checks, and can be automatically divided among different accounts based on your direction.

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