US Cultural and Heritage Tourism Management

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    Ten years ago ..... blueprint for cultural and heritage tourism was adopted by more than 1,500 dedicated political and industry leaders and practitioners as part of their national agenda for the travel industry.nt

  • 2

    In their Cultural Tourism in the United States white paper, the authors ..... a definition for cultural and heritage tourism - "travel directed toward experiencing the arts, heritage, and special character of a place".

  • 3

    Its adoption at the 1995 conference initiated new relationships between ..... partners-the cultural, heritage and tourism sectors-who sought to fulfill its key values and vision of a sustainable industry with appropriate growth.

  • 4

    Collaborations spread across the country following the paper's ..... of action steps, and the results have surpassed expectations.

  • 5

    Six regional forums catalyzed state action on cultural and heritage tourism, cultural and heritage tourism staff positions were established at convention and visitors bureaus, and ..... research on the impact of cultural and heritage tourism was spawned.

  • 6

    Over the last decade, travel industry research confirms that cultural and heritage tourism is one of the fastest growing segments of the travel industry; for some travelers, cultural and heritage experiences are ..... added, enhancing their enjoyment of a place and increasing the likelihood that they will return.

  • 7

    For a growing number of visitors, however, who are tired of the ..... of places around the world, authentic experiences are an important factor and motivator for their travel decisions and expectations.

  • 8

    The industry today encompasses cultural and heritage specialists, who are an important resource for the travel and tourism industry in providing these customers with accurate, ..... interpretation of local assets.

  • 9

    ..... but often invisible component of the cultural and heritage sector are the artists, performers, writers and other creative workers whose skills and vision bring to life our nation's genius and ideas.

  • 10

    Cultural and heritage tourism also provides a means of preserving and perpetuating our nation's cultural heritage through education, increased revenues and audiences, and good ......

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