US Government Questions Test (3)

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    Congress has a number of lawmaking responsibilities and is known as the ..... branch of the US government.

  • 2

    A United States president has the authority to appoint judges to the ..... Court and ambassadors to foreign countries.

  • 3

    Every four years, certain people run for office. A person who runs for the presidential office position in a national campaign is called a presidential ......

  • 4

    Among other responsibilities, Congress has the authority to collect ..... and pass laws regarding the income tax structure.

  • 5

    When a public official is accused and then charged with wrongful or unlawful conduct, the process is known as an ......

  • 6

    A person who is born in a certain country is entitled to specific rights, benefits and duties and considered a ..... of that particular country.

  • 7

    When a person is charged with a criminal act, the judicial system can either convict or ..... the person of the charges.

  • 8

    Within the US government, the sector that operates all facets concerning veterans' services is the ..... department.

  • 9

    Within the US government, the sector that supervises and directs minimum wage and employee standards that exist in the current system is the ..... department.

  • 10

    A division of the governmental system that presides over health and human services within the boundaries of America is the department of ......

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