US Government Questions Test (5)

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    Tax that is calculated and dependant on the amount a person earns in a democracy is called ..... tax.

  • 2

    Federal or state tax that is added to goods and/or services is called ..... tax.

  • 3

    ..... is the term used when a county, town or city defines and decides where homes and businesses are to be situated.

  • 4

    A ..... is a region or district that is divided from other areas in order to establish and operate local governments in that particular area.

  • 5

    In each county, the head of the law enforcement agency or body is called the ......

  • 6

    A person who is elected, to represent and govern a city or town, by the people is called the ......

  • 7

    When communities or groups hold functions in order to raise money for a cause, the activity is called a ......

  • 8

    A ..... is a stance or statement containing a political party's thoughts, beliefs and plans put forth prior to an election.

  • 9

    Usually, ..... political parties are more resistant to change.

  • 10

    Political parties that are usually more open to societal change are referred to as ..... parties.

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