US Government Questions Test (6)

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    Usually, a political party that holds the lesser amount of seats, or power, within an existing government is called the ..... party.

  • 2

    The Republican Party in the US is usually more ..... when compared to the Democratic Party.

  • 3

    A person who is selected to run in an election is called a ......

  • 4

    Democrats in the US are usually more ..... when compared to the Republican Party.

  • 5

    In order to vote, American citizens must first be ..... in their voting district.

  • 6

    An American citizen who is living outside of the US during an election year can fill out an ..... ballot in order to vote from the existing location.

  • 7

    If an issue is disagreed upon and put forth in a direct vote approach by the government, the undertaking is called a ......

  • 8

    An ..... is a person who leaves his/her country to live in another country.

  • 9

    People who are being victimized or persecuted and, therefore, leave their country in order to seek refuge in a safer place are known as ......

  • 10

    Citizens of other countries who reside in the US are called ......

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