US Government Questions Test (7)

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    If a person, who is not a citizen of the US, is ordered to leave the country, the order is known as ......

  • 2

    ..... is the process people go through when they are offered citizenship in a country but they were born in another country.

  • 3

    If an alien is offered American citizenship, he/she must take an oath of ..... in order to proceed with the next course of action.

  • 4

    ..... is the love and loyalty citizens possess for their country.

  • 5

    Groups who want changes within the existing societal system can ..... law making, government officials and members.

  • 6

    A study or survey regarding citizens' thoughts and opinions about a certain subject is called a(n) ..... poll.

  • 7

    A group of people who have similar interests in mind and work together for change or action is called a(n) ..... group.

  • 8

    The rules, laws and regulations that guide and govern a particular country are called public ......

  • 9

    Individual freedoms declared in the US Constitution, such as freedom of the press, speech and religion, are known as civil ......

  • 10

    Every American citizen, over the age of 18, has the right to ..... in elections via prior amendments in the US Constitution.

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