Using Adjectives (1)

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    He is not tall enough to ride the roller coaster yet. He is too ......

  • 2

    Your baby is so cute. He is ......

  • 3

    He is really daring and loves exciting, new escapades. He is very ......

  • 4

    She is very neat and tidy. She is very ......

  • 5

    The sky is not cloudy. The sky is very ..... today.

  • 6

    That shirt is not dark and boring. In fact, it's very colorful and ......

  • 7

    I can't see anything because none of the lights are on in here. It's too ..... to see.

  • 8

    There are too many people here today. It's too ......

  • 9

    She is not ugly. In fact, she is the opposite. She is very ......

  • 10

    He is not sleepy today. Rather, he is very ..... and attentive.

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