Using Adjectives (8)

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1
    He is not hardworking and energetic. He is very ......
  • 2
    They are not calm and relaxed about the meeting. They are very ......
  • 3
    She is not poised and elegant. She is often awkward and ......
  • 4
    She doesn't have many friends and often feels ......
  • 5
    He is not kind and caring. He is often ..... and mean.
  • 6
    She is not pleased or satisfied with her broken leg. Her leg often hurts and is ..... most of the day.
  • 7
    He is not selfless and philanthropic. Instead, he is often ..... and doesn't like to help others.
  • 8
    She is not rough or forceful with her children. Most of the time, she is ..... and tender with them.
  • 9
    He is not inconsiderate and insensitive. Rather, he is often quite ......
  • 10
    He is not obedient or compliant. Most of the time, he is rather ..... at school.

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