Various Conjunctions (3)

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    It's snowing a lot, ..... the roads aren't icy yet.

  • 2

    Neither one of the boys admitted to breaking the window. I didn't see who did it because I was watching TV ..... I heard the glass break.

  • 3

    I needed your assistance, ..... you were too busy to help me.

  • 4

    My car runs well ..... it's economical. I don't spend much money on gas.

  • 5

    Both Sandra ..... Debbie are sorry for what they did to you. Can you forgive them?

  • 6

    Not only does Rose work two jobs, ..... she also volunteers at the police station twice a week.

  • 7

    You have two dinner choices tonight. You can have either pasta ..... steak. It's your choice.

  • 8

    He is really angry, ..... we should leave him alone for a while.

  • 9

    Chris has a class at 8 am, ..... he catches the 7:15 am bus.

  • 10

    I quit my job ..... my boss is mean and unfair.

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