Various Conjunctions (5)

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    I want to go to Chile ..... to Argentina.

  • 2

    I had to quit my job ..... I had triplets. They are a lot of work and I want to stay home with them.

  • 3

    I want a car that is reliable ..... cheap on gas.

  • 4

    When the waiter brought me my order, it didn't look very good, ..... I asked him to take it back.

  • 5

    I had a good time at the party ..... you were there. You're so much fun.

  • 6

    You shouldn't talk back to your mother ..... should you disobey her rules while you're living in her house.

  • 7

    I want to go to Mexico, ..... I also want to go to Peru.

  • 8

    Both Karen ..... Sylvia agree with you. All three of you should talk to the boss.

  • 9

    I can lend you some money ..... the end of the month. You have to pay me back on the 31st because I need that money for rent.

  • 10

    Monica ran into her room ..... her mother shouted at her for being late.

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