Vehicle Coverage

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    ..... insurance covers vehicle damage or loss from fire, theft (except by an employee or member of your household), vandalism, falling or flying objects, malicious mischief, lightning, windstorm, earthquake, hail, impact with animals or missiles, riot, civil commotion, and rising water.

  • 2

    ..... capital is things that have value but do not do anything by themselves; they are used to pay for things because there is always more of it and people always want it.

  • 3

    Back in 1993, the lumber market found itself trading limit ..... for several days; traders that were short lumber futures at that time were unable to buy back their contracts in order to exit the market.

  • 4

    In the universe of cyberspace the demand for efficient consumer transactions has lead to the establishment of ..... money, an electronic replacement for cash; it has been defined as a series of numbers that have an intrinsic value in some form of currency.

  • 5

    The bill of exchange is a written order by the ..... to pay money to the payee; bills of exchange are used primarily in international trade, and are written orders by one person to his bank to pay a specific sum on a specific date sometime in the future.

  • 6

    Your average cost of ..... is not an absolute indicator of your bank's profitability, but you can use it to spot unhealthy trends, and if you are able to lower costs compared to prime, you may have an advantage that you can exploit by offering loan prices lower than your competition.

  • 7

    ..... planning is the process by which an individual or family arranges the transfer of assets in anticipation of death; it aims to preserve the maximum amount of wealth possible for the intended beneficiaries and flexibility for the individual prior to death.

  • 8

    With a non-..... credit card, you can make charges just as you would any other credit card, but you have to pay your balance in full every month; the most popular such card is American Express.

  • 9

    The capital markets have recognized the tangible benefits to the State's economy of meeting the infrastructure and educational goals of the program and the University's success in implementing them; a milestone occurred in 2002 with the achievement of the high-..... 'double A' credit-rating category from Moody's for its bonds.

  • 10

    An individual ..... pension trust is a type of allocated pension plan funding arrangement under which plan trustees purchase individual level premium annuity contracts for each member of the plan.

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