Verb Tense Practice (4)

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    My daughter ..... a beautiful card for my birthday last week.

  • 2

    I have been ..... a book for the past nine months.

  • 3

    Are you ..... to Montana tomorrow?

  • 4

    Do you know how she ..... so thin?

  • 5

    The dog has been ..... on the porch all morning.

  • 6

    Why don't you ..... with your sister? I'm busy right now.

  • 7

    I am ..... her as we speak. I will tell you what she says as soon as I get off the phone.

  • 8

    I love ..... hot tea first thing in the morning.

  • 9

    I ..... for the shoes already.

  • 10

    I will ..... you the money, but you have to pay me back soon.

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