Verb Tense Practice (5)

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    I will ..... you a postcard as soon as I get there.

  • 2

    I ..... him at the office yesterday.

  • 3

    I want to ..... your hand. Thanks for defending our country.

  • 4

    The sun is ...... Let's spend some time outside today.

  • 5

    This steak ..... bad. I think we should throw it out.

  • 6

    I ..... a lot of money on her birthday gift and she wasn't even grateful when I gave it to her.

  • 7

    He just ..... there while I was being mugged.

  • 8

    Sam ..... some money from his employer. That is why he was fired.

  • 9

    Cameron ..... the English Channel last year. That's an outstanding achievement.

  • 10

    He ..... the letter out because he was angry.

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