Verb Tense Practice (7)

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1
    He ..... the bat and hit a home run at the game last night.
  • 2
    I ..... my son to see the doctor last week.
  • 3
    I ..... him how to swim when he was a baby.
  • 4
    This room .....! It needs to be cleaned right away.
  • 5
    Jacob ..... at his teacher yesterday.
  • 6
    You ..... your son too much. He needs to learn the value of a dollar.
  • 7
    Can you ..... some butter on that slice of bread, please?
  • 8
    Randolph ..... out his food because he didn't like how it tasted.
  • 9
    He ..... a cup of coffee all over the blueprints yesterday.
  • 10
    I tend to ..... on Saturdays.

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