Virtual Economy

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    According to current US tax law, if an individual acquires USD income from a transaction in a virtual economy, a problem may arise as to whether tax is owing on this real-world income; however, if the transaction occurs wholly within the virtual economy, there is no taxable ......

  • 2

    A best effort offering would probably fail if negative valuation information appeared between filing and offering, because its filing-date price would be too high; on the other hand, a ..... commitment offering might be successful if the issuer is willing to lower the price.

  • 3

    It is sometimes difficult to distinguish cost-push and demand-pull inflation, which is made worse by the fact that they can interact to cause a wage-price .....: employees want compensation for higher prices, because they do not want their purchasing power to drop.

  • 4

    When we were young and poor, nothing made us angrier than the rich people who paid no income taxes; we were not alone, and that frustration led to the inception of the ..... minimum tax, designed to keep the wealthy from living tax-free.

  • 5

    Some businesses make goods, others provide a service, and still others distribute goods; the second line of a Profit and Loss Statement is called ....., which tells us how much money was spent doing whatever it is that the company does.

  • 6

    The ..... National Mortgage Association was created under Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1938, when millions of American families were unable to become homeowners or risked losing their houses through the lack of a consistent source of mortgage funds.

  • 7

    A strategic ..... point is a critical juncture in the development of a business, when something fundamental is on the verge of change; this could mean the opportunity of climbing to new heights, or it could indicate the beginning of the end.

  • 8

    ..... appeal to a wider investor base than traditional mortgage-backed securities because of their flexibility in presenting investment opportunities with different risk vs reward levels and different maturity horizons to investors.

  • 9

    The NASD ..... rule states that when a financial representative recommends the purchase, sale or exchange of a security, s/he shall have reasonable grounds for believing that it is appropriate for the investor's needs, based on facts disclosed by the latter in respect to his or her other holdings and financial situation.

  • 10

    ..... assumptions examine hiring age in order to extrapolate the number of years of service that the employee will likely work, but the City's formula ensures that late hires will not be able to draw a full benefit from the contributions that they have paid into their pension plan.

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