Vocabulary Practice: Avalanches (1)

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1
    Avalanches are large amounts of snow that forcefully slide down the side of a ......
  • 2
    Avalanches often catch people by surprise and they might end up ..... under a huge pile of snow if they happen to get caught in one.
  • 3
    Sometimes, scientists are able to ..... an avalanche before it happens. This is good news for many outdoor enthusiasts.
  • 4
    However, people are often ..... that one is about to take place because mountain weather can change so quickly.
  • 5
    Skiers and snowboarders have to be extremely ..... and careful about taking part in recreational activities in backcountry areas.
  • 6
    Avalanches are sometimes ..... by loud sounds.
  • 7
    In addition, many other ..... cause avalanches.
  • 8
    For example, wind ..... and slope angles are just two of the factors that must be taken into account when considering avalanches.
  • 9
    Experts say that if you find yourself buried under an avalanche, you should dig the snow away from your head in order to make a ..... area for yourself.
  • 10
    Some people who frequent dangerous, backcountry areas often carry signal devices with them so thattheir companions can ..... them down if they do encounter an avalanche.

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