Vocabulary Practice: Disaster Zones (1)

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1
    After the Tsunami hit, ..... workers arrived to help the survivors.
  • 2
    After the earthquake, volunteers were on site distributing much needed medical and food ..... to those in need.
  • 3
    The Tsunami waves ..... away every house and restaurant along the coast line. The coastline is now bare. It was a terrible disaster that caused a lot of damage and deaths.
  • 4
    The president said he would send needed supplies and National Guard members to ..... areas after Hurricane Katrina took place.
  • 5
    Electricity and phone lines were ..... off after the hurricane hit. Employees worked tirelessly to restore power and communication systems for the survivors.
  • 6
    The Peace Corps sends members to war ..... areas around the world. These members are not paid very much but they want to help in these war torn areas.
  • 7
    When any disaster strikes, nations from around the world come together and send much needed ..... supplies and volunteer workers to help the injured and traumatized survivors.
  • 8
    Many people came together to assist in the ..... effort after the tornado wiped out an entire community.
  • 9
    The president called a national ..... situation after the hurricane struck because it took place of a sudden and many people needed help right away.
  • 10
    Unfortunately, the volcano eruption caused a lot of deaths. The exact ..... number is still unknown but they are estimating that more than 1000 people were killed in this natural disaster.

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