Vocabulary Practice: Halloween (2)

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1
    Another word for Halloween is All ..... 's Eve.
  • 2
    Count Dracula is a long-time symbol of Halloween. Legends say that he comes from ..... and only awakes at midnight or when there is a full moon.
  • 3
    Another word for ghost and ghoul is ......
  • 4
    Were ..... are another long-standing symbol of Halloween. Legendary tales claim that this a man who turns into a vicious, wild, canine on full moons.
  • 5
    In the fall, people often see ..... standing in agricultural fields. Although, they are not scary and are only meant to scare away crows, they are another symbol of Halloween and people will decorate their homes with them in order to denote the holiday.
  • 6
    When people decorate their homes on Halloween, they often hang artificial spider ..... from their ceilings and rafters. They do this so that the houses look like old, scary homes in order to celebrate the spooky holiday.
  • 7
    On Halloween, some people will dress up and wear ..... on their faces. This is a face cover-type disguise that conceals a person's identity.
  • 8
    Witch and ..... costumes are popular on Halloween. The latter costume symbolizes the walking dead. In other words, those who have come back from the dead and are walking around scaring people are called this in movies and folklore.
  • 9
    Some people watch ..... movies on Halloween. These are dark, scary and often violent movies that are meant to scare people.
  • 10
    Some people also wear theatrical and scary ..... on their faces in order to complete a costume idea. These are cosmetic products that are applied to the face.

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