Vocabulary Practice: Horses

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1
    Horses don't have feet like people do; they have ......
  • 2
    Unlike people, horses can sleep while standing upright or while ..... down.
  • 3
    Like lions, horses have distinctive ...... These are long hairs around the animals' necks.
  • 4
    Horses come in many colors and sizes. A common name for a small, mature horse is a ......
  • 5
    Horses have extremely good ..... that they use to watch for predators.
  • 6
    There is a whole, separate language for technical horse terms. The term "withers," which refers to the point where the horse's neck meets its back, is one example of the ..... used by people heavily involved with horses.
  • 7
    Often, the ..... of the horse is a large factor in how much money a horse costs. This defines what type of horse it is and what genetic traits it has.
  • 8
    People often put u-shaped pieces of metal on the bottom of horses' hooves to protect them. These are called horse ......
  • 9
    Horses are ..... to zebras and donkeys. All three of these have the same scientific family but each has a separate genus.
  • 10
    One very popular sport involving this animal is horse ...... People often bet money on which horse will prove to be the fastest and cross the finish line first.

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