Vocabulary Practice: On the Farm (1)

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    A ..... is used to gather leaves on Farmer Bill's farm.

  • 2

    Farmer Bill goes to the barn and gets ..... from his cows every morning.

  • 3

    The cows eat grass and ..... all day long.

  • 4

    Farmer Bill collects milk from his cows and then uses it to make ......

  • 5

    Farmer Bill built a long and sturdy ..... around his property in order to enclose his cows. He doesn't want them to get lost or run away.

  • 6

    Farmer Bill has chickens and ...... These are male chickens that yell "Cocka-doodle-doo" at the crack of dawn each day.

  • 7

    Farmer Bill has to do a lot of work on the farm. He works especially hard in the spring, summer and autumn ......

  • 8

    Farmer Bill grows a lot of grain, so he uses a large machine, called a ....., to plant and harvest it.

  • 9

    The farmer also has sheep on his farm and he uses Border Collie dogs to help him ..... the animals when needed.

  • 10

    In the evening, Farmer Bill likes to turn on his wood ..... in order to warm up his house.

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