Vocabulary Practice: Swimming Pools

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1
    The person in charge of supervising a swimming pool and of saving people's lives (who are at risk of drowning) are called ......
  • 2
    Some swimming pools have diving ...... These are set at a height above the water and allow people to gain enough height to jump, dive, or do acrobatic tricks into the water by bouncing off of them into the pool.
  • 3
    Many swimming pools have multiple depths. The deepest part of the pool is commonly around eight feet deep and the least deep portion of the pool, the ..... end, is usually three to four feet deep.
  • 4
    The side of the pool with the largest water depth is called the ..... end.
  • 5
    Sometimes, swimming pools will have a ..... on site. These are heated buildings, usually made of wood, that people can sit in and sweat. Not only are they good for your health, they feel good too.
  • 6
    Some swimming pools have Jacuzzis on site as well. A Jacuzzi, or ....., is a pool that contains extremely hot, bubbling water.
  • 7
    To prevent sun burns (from hours of sun exposure at outdoor swimming pools), people often wear sun ..... lotion. This lotion prevents sun burns and skin damage.
  • 8
    Many bring ..... towels to swimming pools or beaches to lie on and get a tan. These towels usually have bright colors and are bigger than most household towels.
  • 9
    Swimming pools often have a lot of chlorine in them. Chlorine helps sterilize the water but it ..... your eyes when you open them under the water!
  • 10
    Many parents encourage their kids to take swimming ..... so they know how to swim, survive and have fun in the water.

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