Vocabulary Practice: The Developing World (1)

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1
    ..... is a big problem in developing countries. There is a lack of food and a diet that doesn't contain enough essential vitamins and minerals for good health.
  • 2
    When people are extremely hungry, and they haven't eaten for days, they are ......
  • 3
    ..... conditions are unhealthy and dirty situations. This is a problem in developing countries.
  • 4
    A ..... of clean running water, a shortage of clean water, is another problem that people in developing countries have to deal with.
  • 5
    ..... occur when there is a lack of rain and moisture. Plants and crops can't grow without rain, and this condition causes agricultural problems and hunger.
  • 6
    When people live in unclean conditions, they are more ..... to diseases. They are vulnerable to illnesses and bacterial infections.
  • 7
    Many ..... efforts are made in developing countries when people and groups are devoted to promoting human well-being.
  • 8
    Many children are left parentless in developing countries, and they often end up in ....., which are public organizations that care for children who don't have parents.
  • 9
    Many people live in poor and unhealthy ..... in developing countries.
  • 10
    People often live in a state of ..... in developing countries. They earn less than what is necessary to afford the minimum food and shelter.

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