Vocabulary Practice: Tigers (1)

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    Tigers are part of the cat or ..... family of animals.

  • 2

    Tigers don't like to hunt with other tigers. Rather, they are solitary hunters so this means they like to hunt ......

  • 3

    Tigers are beautiful animals. They have orange fur with black ......

  • 4

    The color of their fur helps them ..... in tall, grassy areas. This means their fur camouflages them when they don't want to be seen.

  • 5

    Tigers like to rest during the day and prefer to hunt at night. This means they attack, catch and eat other animals when it's ..... outside.

  • 6

    Cheetahs are very fast but tigers are not. Tigers are very careful when they hunt. They slowly ..... up to their prey and then jump or pounce with great force.

  • 7

    Tigers are generally found in warmer countries in Asia but they also live in Siberia. In those cold areas, tigers have longer, warmer ..... that keeps them warm in the cold, winter months.

  • 8

    Tigers don't live together in prides, similar to ....., like lions do. Instead, they are very solitary animals.

  • 9

    Male and ..... tigers look a lot alike but male tigers are slightly bigger than the opposite sex.

  • 10

    Tigers are carnivores so they will hunt and eat nearly any ..... of animal.

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