Vocabulary Practice: War-related Terms (2)

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1
    Mobile, large-caliber, projectile-firing weapons are known as ......
  • 2
    A military shelter that is designed to protect people from attacks is called a ......
  • 3
    ..... is a disguise designed to mimic natural surroundings and it is used to hide equipment or personnel from an enemy.
  • 4
    A person not in the military or a police force is called a ......
  • 5
    A hand-thrown explosive device is called a ......
  • 6
    An explosive that is left on the side of the road and is designed to detonate when vehicles or people pass by is called a roadside ......
  • 7
    Someone who detonates a bomb with the intent of killing or harming others but will knowingly die in the process is called a ..... bomber.
  • 8
    The ..... Cross is a neutral, international organization that aids injured, hurt, or sick people in a time of war or tragedy.
  • 9
    A person who participates directly in a war, military action, or other armed conflict is called a ......
  • 10
    When military forces are deployed in an effort to enforce peace in an area, this is called a peacekeeping ......

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