Vocabulary Practice: War-related Terms (4)

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1
    The ..... Corps is composed of amphibious units that are often first on the battlefield and are directed by the United States Navy. They are one of the specialized branches of military service in America.
  • 2
    The military rank structure, that determines authority, is called the ..... of command. Each person in the order is subordinate to the one above him or her and orders come from the top down.
  • 3
    A camp for prisoners, civilians, or enemy detainees that keeps its populace under harsh and extreme conditions is called a ..... camp.
  • 4
    When the military of a country overthrows the governing body of its own country, this is called a military ......
  • 5
    Members of a group who oppose the controlling government by force are called ......
  • 6
    The eradication of a specific racial or cultural group by another faction is called ......
  • 7
    Mobile warfare used against a large group by a small group is called ..... warfare.
  • 8
    A military armored vehicle that runs on tracks and possesses artillery capabilities is called a ......
  • 9
    An exploding rocket used in war is called a ......
  • 10
    A gun that fires very rapidly and continuously is called a ..... gun.

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