Wall Street Plunge

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    Some Wall Street people have noticed a drop in non-..... reserves in the banking system and wondered if it's a sign of an unusually stringent monetary policy; however, the plunge is just a function of the Fed's money classification in its new term auction facility.

  • 2

    One time that a company might issue ..... stock instead of options is very early on for top executives or very early hires.

  • 3

    ..... loans are loans that were issued according to the bank's terms but later became questionable in the eyes of the bank's examiners, which sometimes happens when new information is revealed or there is a change in the borrower's circumstances.

  • 4

    The staff of the Tennessee Capital Access Forum assisted Greyhound Movers and Acme in financing their growing businesses with Small Corporate ..... Registrations; Tennessee has taken the $1 million dollar cap off the SCOR and there is no limit.

  • 5

    The 2009 bonds will be issued in the weekly rate mode, bearing interest at the weekly rate payable on January 1st and July 1st; bondholders can rightfully tender their bonds on any business day with a minimum seven-day notice to the ......

  • 6

    The market is expecting a coupon ..... by the Federal Reserve Bank, and although this is probably no sign of change in monetary policy, it does present dealers with the opportunity to sell Treasury securities to a ready buyer.

  • 7

    Raising debt ..... does not involve selling your equity, but rather works by borrowing against it; it is only available to businesses who have something with value which the lender could instantly liquidate.

  • 8

    Traders in level 2 generally use an order type called an 'intent', a strong indication of interest, and these are not advertised, but if they find a match they become a ..... order: if two intents naturally match, then a trade happens.

  • 9

    The law recognizes the efforts of businesses to comply with its demands, but a company must demonstrate that it exercised all due ..... and took all reasonable steps to avoid committing the offense; if it can do so it is entitled to an acquittal.

  • 10

    In order to create a level playing field for share trading on the stock exchange, .....-date is set: if shares are traded before this date, the selling party must pass on any benefit or dividend to the buying party.

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