Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    One definition of a warranty is that it is a promise of ..... which is given by the seller or the manufacturer to the purchaser.

  • 2

    The purchaser must be given the ..... to see the warranty before s/he makes the purchase.

  • 3

    Unfortunately, shoppers do not usually pay attention to the ..... until a problem with the purchase arises.

  • 4

    Many retailers view warranties as a ..... technique.

  • 5

    The use of warranties gradually developed as part of the ..... process between sellers and customers.

  • 6

    An implied warranty is legally in effect even if it is not in ..... form.

  • 7

    Any respectable manufacturer will ..... an implied warranty.

  • 8

    Clear ..... is an affirmation that the product has not been stolen and is not otherwise illegal.

  • 9

    A warranty of ..... for purpose assures the purchaser that the item will perform properly the function for which it was designed.

  • 10

    Merchantability warrants that the item will ..... up to reasonable expectations of the purchaser.

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