Water: How much do I need?

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    Water is a(n) ..... component in our bodies.

  • 2

    Water helps to flush ..... out of our bodies every day.

  • 3

    When people don't drink enough water, they are ..... and become very thirsty as a result.

  • 4

    People have to drink enough water in order to ..... their vital systems and organs.

  • 5

    In order to be healthy, people should consume water because they lose a lot via ..... when they sweat.

  • 6

    They also need to fill up regularly because people release water when they ..... each day.

  • 7

    Some doctors say that people should consume about eight ..... of water every day.

  • 8

    Doctors also recommend drinking enough water because it helps to ..... off illnesses and sunstroke in really hot weather.

  • 9

    You should especially make a point of drinking sufficient water when you exercise in order to remain ......

  • 10

    A lack of energy can be attributed to insufficient ..... levels in your body.

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