Ways of approving

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1
    I'm quite happy to support you in your ..... for a loan.
  • 2
    I must admit I think your idea is well ..... considering.
  • 3
    I shall certainly recommend your ..... for improving safety in the work place.
  • 4
    You can ..... on me for support when the next election comes up.
  • 5
    I would ..... like to endorse your scheme for saving water.
  • 6
    The local council has approved the plans for ..... their house.
  • 7
    You can ..... on me to support you when the matter is discussed at the next meeting.
  • 8
    His choice of a new wife ..... with his parents' approval.
  • 9
    They all promised they would stand ..... him when he put forward the idea of a strike.
  • 10
    The meeting unanimously supported the chairman when he suggested that they ..... the meeting.

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