What now?

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1
    Did you hear the story about the woman who said she could tell the .....?
  • 2
    I hope you haven't because I'm about to ..... it to you now.
  • 3
    Her name was Mary Smith and she had a ..... for telling people what was going to happen.
  • 4
    Somebody once used her advice and made a ..... out of buying shares in a small company that did well.
  • 5
    The strange thing was that she never actually used her ..... to benefit herself.
  • 6
    People started to be ..... of her and thought that perhaps she had a secret source of information.
  • 7
    Some others wanted to try and ..... her out and prove that she didn't have this special ability.
  • 8
    The plan was to pretend to ..... her house late one night and see if she was really any good at knowing it was going to happen.
  • 9
    Mike Andrews, whose idea it was, intended to give everything back but he just wanted to ..... her ability.
  • 10
    As Mr Andrews was about to leave he found a note pinned to his door. It was from Mary Smith advising him to be careful because she has just bought a ..... young guard dog.

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