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Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
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    While it may seem that Tom makes all the important decisions, the person actually ___ the shots is the branch manager.

  • 2

    The product launch generated about 30,000 dollars in ___ this month.

  • 3

    The client and I agreed to touch ____ again next week by phone to confirm any changes to our services.

  • 4

    The ___ of Samsung is located in Korea.

  • 5

    We are looking ___ to doing business with you.

  • 6

    Regarding the meeting next week, I will have to ___ my schedule to make sure I have enough time.

  • 7

    Before releasing the product, we came up with a(n) ___ figure for how many units to produce.

  • 8

    The alarm ___ off because someone tried to steal merchandise from the shelves.

  • 9

    There was a sophisticated ____ in place for appropriate market research before the development of new products actually took place.

  • 10

    Chances ___ that we will close the deal next week.

  • 11

    We have to fill in the lack of ____ regarding the clients’ needs.

  • 12

    The stakeholders demanded that the procedures ____ updated to reflect the current situation.

  • 13

    The company recommends not working on days ____ to increase productivity.

  • 14

    In certain cultures, managers usually accept ____ for the mistakes of their staff.

  • 15

    The company has been making steady ____ with the development of the new product.

  • 16

    The data strongly _____ that customers are unhappy about certain aspects of the service.

  • 17

    He ____ himself in an embarrassing position during the presentation due to his lack of preparation.

  • 18

    Perhaps a meeting is in ____ to keep everyone updated on the current situation.

  • 19

    Please contact us in a week or so to confirm that the changes have been ____.

  • 20

    The new director hopes everyone from the office can ____ in when talking about new ideas and services.

Author: Roderick Hinn