When you go to France...

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  • 1

    How many occasions have you been to France so far?

  • 2

    I can't tell you the exactly number but I think it's probably fourteen.

  • 3

    In that case you must can to speak the language as well as a native French person.

  • 4

    I wouldn't go as further as that but the main thing is that I can make myself understood in most situations.

  • 5

    Yes, that's important because if you find yourself in a difficult situation, you can speak yourself out of it.

  • 6

    Can you remember any particular incident when your knowing of the language was a real help?

  • 7

    Yes, we were driving our car through a forest and suddenly the engine ceased.

  • 8

    Unfortunately this happened near a signal that told you that it was dangerous to park there.

  • 9

    A police car arrived and an angry-looking police officer got off the car and came up to me.

  • 10

    I immediately explained the problem and the officer was so influenced by the way I spoke French, that he telephoned a garage for help.