White Water Rafting

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1
    You must admit flying in a hot air balloon is an amazing ......
  • 2
    Can you remember the last time you ..... such an exciting time?
  • 3
    To be honest, I have never ..... in a balloon.
  • 4
    Really, then it's about time you tried it ......
  • 5
    Are you really suggesting that we ..... actually get into one of those ridiculous things?
  • 6
    Why not? There is nothing to be ..... of. After all it won't be just us in the balloon.
  • 7
    You must be joking. Have you forgotten how terrible I felt the last time we went somewhere ..... plane?
  • 8
    Oh, come on. Why do you have to be such a kill ......
  • 9
    That's not fair. You know full ..... what it feels like to be worried sick when everyone else is laughing at you.
  • 10
    All right you win. I promise I won't bring it ..... again. Why don't just we go white water rafting instead?