Words in context: strong collocations

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1
    Please take these separate lists and ..... them into one document.
  • 2
    This pet store sells rare tropical fish and other ..... creatures.
  • 3
    I guarantee that your hot temper will ..... cause you trouble.
  • 4
    My teacher mumbled so softly that I could only ..... understand him.
  • 5
    After the terrible tsunami, our orderly lives became ......
  • 6
    If the cookie recipe is complete, it will ..... the ingredients you need.
  • 7
    Peter was the best swimmer, but ..... he lost the final of the swimming competition.
  • 8
    Our final concept for the product was much better than our ..... one.
  • 9
    After I fell down the steps, I felt unsteady and ......
  • 10
    During our walk along the beach, we noticed the shifting reflections on the ..... surface of the water.