Work and job expressions

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    The one day that most people hate is Monday because that's when they have to go back to their ..... of work.

  • 2

    The one day that many people love is Friday because that is when they can think about their time ..... at the weekend.

  • 3

    Usually Saturday and Sunday just ..... by more quickly than the other 5 days of the week.

  • 4

    But then what would ..... to us if we didn't do any work?

  • 5

    In the first place we'd have no money to buy food and we'd probably ......

  • 6

    Mind you it could be a way of ..... weight and becoming slimmer.

  • 7

    But in the end we would probably find that doing nothing all day could be very uninteresting and ......

  • 8

    So let's not complain too much about it because we simply have to accept it as a ..... fact of life.

  • 9

    Just remember and never ..... that some people aren't able to work even when they want to.

  • 10

    One way is to ....., even if it's not true, and tell yourself that the new name for Monday is Friday!

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