Workplace relations

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    Knowing the company was in trouble, the CEO suggested several key employees go before they were asked to leave. He said their best option might be to consider taking a ..... redundancy package.

  • 2

    Many workplaces now offer ..... leave to mothers of new babies.

  • 3

    Many women across several sectors are still paid less than their male co-workers. Thus the fight for pay ..... continues.

  • 4

    Those workers fighting for more pay went on strike. Those who wanted no part in the strike crossed the union ..... line and headed to their offices as usual.

  • 5

    The line-graph depicting the company's profits over the last ten years resembled a roller-coaster highlighting the firm's ..... fortunes.

  • 6

    The chairperson hired a well-known fashion designer to create new suits. Now she looks like a picture of ..... perfection every day.

  • 7

    The client's plans were very easy to understand, as she gave very ..... explanations.

  • 8

    In broad terms, the agreement made sense. The devil, however was in the ......

  • 9

    The computer technician's colleagues blamed him unfairly for the spread of the email virus. The poor technician was very unhappy to have been made a ......

  • 10

    The reporter had enjoyed a positive relationship with her former boss. The new person in charge, however, routinely gave everyone the ..... shoulder.

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