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A conversation between a student and a campus patrolman

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Listen to audio recording and answer the questions.

Listen to a conversation between a student and a campus patrolman

Patrolman: Sorry- you can't park your bike here, son.

Student: Huh? Why not? There's a lot of bikes already here.

P: Yeah, but they all got Lot H stickers.

S: They've got what?

P: Lot H stickers. Permits to park here in Lot H- see?

S: Oh. Well, where can I park instead?

P: Nowhere. You ain't got no sticker. You gotta have a permit for some parking zone before you can park that thing anywhere on campus.

S: Ok, then...well...can I get one today, do you think? Where do we get them?

P: If you got your student ID card for this term, yes, you can get one today....

S: Yeah, I've got that, yes....

P: And you can apply for it at the Campus Affairs Office.

S: Where's that?

P: Just next to the Student Union, on the west side of it.

S: That little brown building?

P: Yessir, that's it.

S: And- are they free?

P: Nope, 'fraid not.

S: Do you know how much they cost, then?

P: It depends. The main building zones are ten dollars, I think, and the outer zones are five- but you'll have to check with them.

S: OK. Thanks.

P: Sure. Say, what is that thing, anyway?

S: It's a Thorn Raven.

P: Don't look cheap.

S: No, it's not. I'm into touring bikes.

P: Well, that sure looks like a good one. Ride a lot?

S: Yes, you could say so. I took this one across the country.

P: Across America?!

S: Yep, Atlantic to Pacific, all the way.

P: Whew! How long did that take you, anyway?

S: Three months.

P: You must've been awful tired by the end.

S: More mentally than physically, actually. You can get used to riding the bike eight hours a day, I mean, with a comfortable seat and comfortable clothes and all- but you never stop worrying about the traffic and potholes and flat tires and your schedule and... you know. And stuck out in the desert as the sun goes down, with no motel or gas station in sight- you feel pretty lonely and, uh, vulnerable.

P: Huh?

S: Vulnerable? You know, kind of unprotected.

P: Ah. Yeah, I guess so, eh? But that's an exciting thing you done, son. During summer break?

S: Yes, last year. I'd gotten my scholarship, so I didn't need to get a job last summer, and I planned that trip instead. New York to San Francisco- crossing the continent is something I've always wanted to do. Once.

P: Once?

S: Yeah. I won't do it again.

P: Just too hard, huh?

S: Not just that. It took a lot of time and a lot of money, and I'm not going to have that kind of free time again now until I retire from work maybe. (laughs)

P: (laughs) Well, just stay healthy, son, and maybe you can do it again when you're 65.

S: Yeah, maybe. Say, do you know this town very well?

P: Sure do. Born here. What're you lookin' for?

S: Is there a good bike shop? Maybe even a Thorn dealer?

P: Nope, no dealer, but there's a durn good bike shop. 'S called 'Wheels Within Wheels'- downtown off Elm Street.

S: Elm Street? Hmm. Didn't see the shop. I was down there looking around Sunday.

P: Well, it's not exactly on Elm Street- it's just off it, down the alley between Oak and Maple. Y'know where the Pizza Plaza is?

S: Yeah.

P: All right, it's around that corner. It ain't big, but it's a good shop, got everything you want, I expect, or leastwise what you need. And old Buster's been fixin' bikes for almost thirty years now.

S: You used him?

P: No. No bicycle. But he's my wife's cousin. And I ain't heard a complaint against him in the last twenty years.

S: (laughs) Well, that's a good enough recommendation for me. I'll check him out next Sunday.

P: What'cha need?

S: Oh, now I just want to pick up a spare tube in case I get a flat tire. I don't have a spare.

P: Well, he's got those, sure- any size you like. Fix your own flats, do you? You must be a serious biker.

S: Well, I don't really like the job, but, you know, it's hard to find a repair shop sometimes, out in the middle of nowhere- and that's where I always seem to catch my flats.

P: (laughs) Ain't that the way!

S: Sure is. Well, thanks. I gotta go get that permit before the office closes, I guess.

P: All right. Take care, son.

S: You too. See you. 'Bye.


What initiated this conversation?


What did the young man do during his last holiday?


What does he need to get a sticker?


Where will the young man go next?

Listen again to part of the passage and answer the following question.


Why does the student say this: "Yes, you could say so"?


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