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A conversation between a university student and an employee in the university registrar's office

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Listen to audio recording and answer the questions.

Listen to a conversation between a university student and an employee in the university registrar's office.

S: Hi, I've got a question about registering for the special geology field seminar in spring quarter.

E: OK. You know that registration for that class is limited to 15 students, don't you? And that you have to have passed Geology 302 as a prerequisite?

S: Yes, I know. Uh, the thing is, I'm taking Geology 302 this quarter. I expect, er, I think I'll pass it no problem. I mean, I'm getting an A-minus in it so far. I really want to take the seminar next quarter. Can I register now, and still be eligible to take it when, er, if I pass 302?

E: Hmm...interesting question. Well, registration for spring classes does not begin for another two weeks. Technically, you're supposed to have passed 302 before you register. But what you could do is sign up for the seminar, and, um, wait and see if the class fills before your 302 grade is recorded. If the seminar doesn't fill, you'll be eligible as soon as your Geology 302 grade becomes official, and then you'd be assured of a place in the field seminar. Or, you could wait until your 302 grade is in, and then see if there are openings left for the seminar.

S: I see. Um, and then if I [false start] if the class is full and I can't get in, when can I, uh, when is the next chance to take it? Will it be offered in the summer? Or next fall?

E: That depends on the professor. Let's see...right now it's not on the summer schedule, but that could change. We don't finalize summer classes until the middle of spring term. If there are enough students who want to take it then, it might be offered. The geology seminar is not held in fall and winter terms -- at least not usually -- because it takes place in the mountains.

S: OK. So, uh...shoot! What can I do? You're saying that I can't register for two more weeks, right? And then if I [false start] -- when I do register, I have to wait until my 302 grade comes in? But even then I might, er, not be able to take the seminar?

E: Yep, you've got it! Sorry, but that's the best I can do for you.

S: If I don't get into the spring seminar, does my name automatically go to the top of the waiting list for the next time the class is offered?

E: No, I'm afraid not. You can register only during approved registration periods -- these begin, uh, one week after the end of the current term. If we let you register too far in advance, it wouldn't be fair to other students. Some classes would be full years ahead.

S: Yeah, I know. Thanks for your help. I really want to take that seminar this spring. Is there, uh, any other way you can think of that I could be sure of getting in?

E: [sighs]. Not offhand. I suppose that maybe you could talk to your Geology 302 professor, or to the professor who's going to teach the field seminar, and see if they'll pre-approve you. But the field seminar is very popular, so uh, I'm not sure if they will.

S: Hey, it's worth a try. Who's going to teach the field seminar?

E: That would be Professor Bronson. Do you know who he is? His office is in Johnson Hall, um, number 302.

S: I don't know him, but I have a friend who's taken his class. I'll talk to my 302 professor, and then maybe have him write a note or something that I can take to Professor Bronson. Um, thanks again for your time.

E: You're welcome. Good luck!


Why does the student visit the registrar's office?


What is a prerequisite for taking the spring geology seminar?

Listen again to part of the passage and answer the following question.


Why does the employee mean when he says this: Not offhand.


What can be inferred about the student?


Based on the conversation, which of the following statements is NOT true?


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TOEFL Test 1 (PDF+MP3) is waiting for you!