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A conversation between an upperclassman and a freshman coed

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Listen to audio recording and answer the questions.

Listen to a conversation between an upperclassman and a freshman coed.

Upperclassman: You look lost.

Freshman coed: That's because I am.

U: What're you looking for?

F: I'm trying to find Q22. Building Q22.

U: Q...?

F: It's supposed to be behind the Flagler Arts Hall here, but there's nothing there but trees that I can see.

U: Can't see the forest for the trees, huh? Where'd you get that map?

F: Oh, it's from our orientation guide. I didn't want to carry the whole thing around with me, so I just tore out the map. (chuckles)

U: Huh. Good idea. Can I see?

F: Sure. Here. See- we're here, Circle Road, right? And here's the Arts Hall, right here, number eighteen....

U: Yeah...mmm....

F: And then Q22 is right- here. Behind it.

U: Yes, but...which way are we facing? Look- Circle Road curves around the Arts Hall, and we're...uh...we're here, on the left side of the building, see?

F: Huh? Oh...then...Q22 must be...around to the...right of the Hall from here.

U: C'mon, let's check. I'll go with you.

F: Thanks, but you don't have to....

U: Naw, that's OK. I'm curious.

F: Thanks, then.

U: (supposing) You're a freshman, aren't you?

F: How'd you guess? (laughs)

U: (laughs) 'Cause I was one myself a couple of years ago. I couldn't find my physics laboratory till the second week.

F: Really? (laughs)

U: Yeah, and it was in a Quonset, too.

F: A what?

U: A Quonset- a Quonset hut- that's what the 'Q' stands for. It's an old US Army hut.

F: An Army hut? Was this a military base before?

U: No. (laughs) After the Second World War, all the GIs came home, and a lot of them went back to college on the GI Bill.

F: What's that?

U: The GI Bill? Oh, the government offered returning soldiers almost a...an almost free education. And the state universities were flooded with students. They were...they suddenly needed a lot of extra classrooms and dormitory space. And the federal government responded by giving them a lot of, well, temporary structures that were no longer needed by the military. Perfect recycling, eh? And there's one now! Q22!

F: Wow! That's a funny-looking thing. It looks like the top half of a big sewer pipe or something.

U: Yep, not very elegant, I'm afraid- but very practical. And cold in the winter; the thing's poorly insulated. But they were a good quick fix to the problem of growing enrollment.

F: Jeez- they set these up in the fifties, and we're still using them in 2009? These things are more than fifty years old. And they're temporary?

U: Yeah. (laughs) But as long as they keep saving money for the university.... Oh, there's not near as many Quonsets as there used to be. SFU expanded a lot in the 1970s with the baby boomers, so they built a lot of new buildings then and got rid of a lot of the Quonsets. But there's still a few around, stuck in the bushes.

F: Like my music class here. Look at this thing: it's made of corrugated iron! The acoustics actually might be pretty good, though, with this arched roof.

U: What kind of music class?

F: Oh, it's part of my practicum. They put us right into the SFU student orchestra, and that practices here once a week.

U: A good thing they stuck you out in the woods here, then. You won't be bothering anyone with the noise.

F: Noise? We make byoo-ti-ful music!

U: What do you play?

F: French horn.

U: One of those, uh, curled things?

F: Yeah.

U: Well.... Anyplace else you've gotta find?

F: Nope. I'm ready for my first class now, I think. Sure is a big campus, though.

U: Yeah. We're a land grant college. The federal government gave it all this land in the beginning. And there's still a lot left that they haven't developed yet. The agriculture school uses it for pasture.

F: Pasture?

U: Sure- they've got livestock- cattle, horses, you know. SFU operates a farm right on campus. That's where the student cafeteria gets its fresh eggs every day. And some of its hamburger.

F: You're kidding.

U: Not at all. You'll see. Take a walk out to the south end of campus some Sunday. It's like a stroll in the country. It's great!- very relaxing after a tough exam.

F: Huh. OK, I will. Thanks. And thanks for your help finding the, the...what?

U: Quonset hut.

F: Oh yeah, 'quonset hut'.

U: No problem. See you around.

F: Deal.


When was Q22 built?


Why is the young woman unfamiliar with Q22?


What initiates this conversation?

Listen again to part of the passage and answer the following question.


Why does the young woman say this: " How'd you guess?"


Why was Q22 erected?


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TOEFL Test 1 (PDF+MP3) is waiting for you!