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A conversation between two students in their dormitory during registration week

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Listen to audio recording and answer the questions.

Listen to a conversation between two students in their dormitory during Registration Week.

Roger: Hi, can I come in?

Terry: Oh, hi. Sure! You must be Roger?

R: Yes. And you're Terry, uh, Lawrence?

T: Yep. So we're roomies this year, eh? Nice to meet you.

R: Good to meet you, too.

T: Well, uh, I guess the first thing is-- which bunk do you want?

R: Ha! Oh, I don't mind, really. The top's fine. You can have the lower one.

T: OK, thanks, I'll take it! I am a bit afraid of falling off. I did that more than once when I was a kid. It doesn't hurt, really, but it sure knocks the wind out of you!

R: (laughs) Well, I'll try not to roll over in my sleep. Actually, it looks like fun sleeping up there. I've never slept in a bunk bed before, though. What's your major?

T: Oh, I'm supposed to be in pre-med, but I've been taking a lot of electives. I might change it. What's yours?

R: I'm just an aggie. We've got a ranch out west of Houston, and I'm thinking I might become a vet. You're pre-med? Then you've taken Chemistry One Twenty-one? It's a required course for me, and I'm not good in chemistry at all. Maybe I could borrow your notes?

T: Hah! "Bonehead Chemistry"-- no, sorry. I still have to take that, too. Hey, maybe we could sign up for the same sections.

R: Yeah, that's a good idea!

T: When do you register?

R: Oh. Let me see. Wait a sec. Uh...ah, here it is: ten a.m. Monday.

T: Great! I register at nine. The Bonehead lectures are Tuesdays and Thursdays, and the labs are Monday-Wednesday-Friday afternoons. I can register first and then let you know which sections I've got before you register at ten. What times are good for you?

R: Oh gosh. Maybe, early lectures and a Friday lab? I think better in the morning, and that's going to be a tough course.

T: I know. That's why I'm thinking about switching majors-- the science prerequisites are really awful. But I'll give it one more semester before I pack it in. You sure you want a Friday lab? It'll cut your weekend short.

R: Yeah, but I'm gonna have a full load this semester, so I gotta take something Friday anyway. Might as well be something I can cut.

T: OK then. So, should I meet you back here Monday about nine-thirty? I can give you my schedule then.

R: Uh, how about in the cafeteria? I'd like to get some coffee before I start-- I'll need the energy. And it's handier anyway.

T: Sure, that's fine-- let's do that, then. But maybe we'd better get a little organized around here. I've already put my clothes in the left-hand dresser. Do you mind if I set one of my stereo speakers on the corner of the right-hand one?

R: No, that's OK. I didn't bring much stuff-- just the basics till I know what I need. If I need that space later, we can hang the speaker on the wall.

T: And I took over half the closet.

R: That bookcase looks pretty small. Most of my stuff is books.

T: Yeah, I've got a lot of those, too-- and we haven't even got this term's texts yet. (Sighs in thought) D'you think we could get one the same size from Campus Stores and put it on top of that one? They've got a free furniture place there.

R: Well, we could at least run over and take a look. I'll bet the bookcases are all gone, though-- they're going to be a popular item. Tell you what: I'll go over there after I see you Monday morning. Maybe they'll have an early-bird special.

T: OK, good. And if they don't, we'll just have to make do for now. (Pause) Shoes.

R: Huh?

T: Where can we put our shoes? Where'd you stash yours?

R: Oh. There, under the bed. One advantage of sleeping on the bottom bunk.

T: Wait a minute!

R: Just kidding. Stuff whatever you like under there, too. Half is yours. Just got those two bags?

T: No, I've also got two cartons of books and junk coming later. I'll worry about them then. All your stuff here?

R: Yep. But I need to go to a drugstore and pick up some toilet paper and kleenex sometime soon. Wanna come?

T: Yes, that's just what I have to do, too-- get some toothpaste and stuff. Gimme a minute and we can go together now.

R: Great!


Why are these young men in conversation?


Where will they keep their shoes?


Where have they arranged to meet?

Listen again to part of the passage and answer the following question.


Why does the young man say this: "Do you mind if I set one of my stereo speakers on the corner of the right-hand one?"


What will probably happen next?


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TOEFL Test 1 (PDF+MP3) is waiting for you!