Announcing the closure of a newspaper

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Listen to audio recording and answer the questions.

Tomorrow's issue will be the last one for our newspaper. We all knew this day was coming, and it is a sad day. We lost almost $20 million last year, and the owners have tried to sell the paper but no one wants to buy it in this economy. I want to thank all of you, all the editors, writers, photographers, page designers, printers -- everyone who helped make this paper a city institution for the past 150 years. It's been a pleasure and an honor working with you and supervising you. As you've heard, we will continue to have an online news site with a staff of 25. This re-designed website will begin tomorrow. We hope that it will help fill the gap left by the departed print product. Meanwhile, we have one more issue to put out. Let's get to work and make it the best it can be.


Who is the intended audience?


Who most likely is the speaker?


What will begin tomorrow?