GMAT vocabulary: auspicious

Definition of auspicious (adjective) - being of a good omen; successful; favorable; beneficent

More Auspicious; Most Auspicious; Less Auspicious; Least Auspicious

Example sentences with this word:
  • The merger, when looked at carefully, was in fact auspicious for both parties.
  • Although the numerous rivers flowing from the Carpathian Mountains offered Conrad abundant lines of defense against any Russian invasion, it seemed to him that the sooner the Austrians attacked, the more auspicious the prospects, since they would shortly be heavily outnumbered.
  • It was auspicious that the sun shone on the first day of the trip.
  • The campaign had an auspicious start, foreshadowing the future.

Appears in following categories: TOEFL, GMAT, GRE, ASVAB