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Definition of abbreviation (noun) -

done or made in jest

Part of speech:

adverb: jocosely
Example sentences with this word:

It’s said jocosely, or in jest, of course. A gross generalization, so to speak.

His jocose manner was unsuitable for such a solemn occasion.

The jocose prankster flicked off Gus’s hat, which earned him a punch in the jaw.

I could not help but wonder why the medical paper was written with a distinct jocose and jovial ring, which seemed so out of place.

My aunt Betty was a gleg woman of a jocose nature.

If Janeites tend towards punctiliousness, Dickensians have a penchant for the jocose.

If they had one thing in common it was that all of them were slightly wayward, rough-hewn, jocose.

The related adjective "jocular" is more familiar, but still I have probably never used it.

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