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Keys to exercises 16.

A. 1. Dull and boring.
   2. His army pension.
   3. To go into the garage next door and check the car
      for oil, water and air.
   4. Yes, he smokes a pipe.
   5. Her provisional driving licence.
   6. Partly because she obviously needed it, and partly
      because it was good for business.

   7. Because she thought it looked more businesslike
      than her long fair hair.
   8. He was driving in the middle of the road.
   9. Friends of Lucy Chalmers.
  10. They wanted to enrol for the six-month course.

B. 1. boring
   2. extra
   3. test
   4. pedestrian
   5. first-rate
   6. examiner
   7. instructor
   8. middle-aged

C. 1. The Major said he found civilian life dull and boring.
   2. The Major said he would open his own school of motoring.
   3. The Major said he thought he could fit her in for a trial
   4. The Major said he was sure she would pass.
   5. Mary said she was not talking about her driving.
   6. Lucy said she thought a wig looked very
   7. The examiner asked her if she knew the Highway Code.
   8. Lucy said she would tell everyone what a good instructor he

D. Adjectives    Adverbs            Adjectives         Adverbs

   happy         happily            provisional        provisionally

   unfortunate   unfortunately      safe               safely

   early         early              capable            capably

   precise       precisely          late               late

   sad           sadly              smooth             smoothly

   slow          slowly             terrible           terribly

New words and expressions

Questions and exercises

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