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A day in the life of a driving instructor

A day in the life of a driving instructor

Alan Townend

When Major John Hewson retired from the army at the age of fifty, he soon found himself at a loose end. He had grown used to army discipline and he found civilian life dull and boring. For the first f
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The Major took Mrs. Carruthers out in his car for the trial lesson. She broke almost every rule in the Highway Code and the Major was very glad that his car was fitted with dual control. When they wer
The Major and Lucy drove in silence to the centre where she was to be tested and sat in the waiting room. The chief examiner arrived and asked to see Lucy's driving licence; then he made her sign a de
driving instructor            someone who teaches you how to drive
                              (a car)
at a loose end                not know how to spend one's ti
A.  Comprehension questions

 1. How did Major Hewson find civilian life?
 2. What were he and his wife living on?
 3. What was the Major's first job when he arrived at the office?
A. 1. Dull and boring.
   2. His army pension.
   3. To go into the garage next door and check the car
      for oil, water and air.
   4. Yes, he smokes a pipe.
   5. Her provision
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