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New words and expressions 6.

driving instructor            someone who teaches you how to drive
                              (a car)
at a loose end                not know how to spend one's time
retire                        stop working, usually on reaching a
                              certain age
on his retirement             when he retired
pension                       regular sum of money paid to someone
                              who has retired

clients                       customers
test                          examination
punctual                      on time
diary                         book with space for each day of the
                              year in which to write appointments,
                              notes, etc.
precisely                     exactly
free trial lesson             a lesson given at no cost to the 
                              client,to find out if he is a good
                              driver or a bad driver
tuition                       teaching
refresher   course            lessons to refresh the
                              student's knowledge
run by                        managed by
in safe hands                 well looked after
provisional driving licence   document that permits you to
                              drive a car before you have taken the
                              driving test,provided you are
                              accompanied by an experienced driver
in order                      all right, correct
an old hand                   someone with a lot of experience
if you don't mind             if you don't object (slightly
                              sarcastic in this context)
Highway Code                  list of rules for drivers
dual controls                 two sets of controls so that the
                              instructor can steer the car if the
                              pupil does something wrong
it had its ups and downs      it had its good and bad moments
first-rate                    excellent
glamorous                     very attractive
capable                       good
go over                       repeat, practise
wig                           false hair
businesslike                  practical
declaration                   statement
delighted                     very pleased
point out                     show, indicate
it's just as well             it's fortunate
wretched                      terrible
let's get one thing straight  let's get one thing clear and agreed
enrol                         here means put their names on the
                              Major's list of pupils

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