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Questions and exercises 16.

A.  Comprehension questions

 1. How did Major Hewson find civilian life?
 2. What were he and his wife living on?
 3. What was the Major's first job when he arrived at the office?
 4. Does Major Hewson smoke?
 5. What does Major Hewson want to see before he gives Mrs.
    Carruthers her free trial lesson?
 6. Why did Major Hewson tell Mrs. Carruthers she would have
    to take the full course?

 7. Why did Lucy Chalmers wear a wig for her driving test?
 8. What side of the road was Mr. Green driving on?
 9. Who did the Major think the three middle-aged ladies were?
10. What did they want?

B.  Use the words in the list to complete the following sentences:

    pedestrian            middle-aged
    boring                extra
    examiner              test
    instructor            first-rate

1.  He found civilian life dull and _____.
2.  He needed some _____ money.
3.  How many times have you taken the _____?
4.  I had an accident at a _____ crossing.
5.  Miss Chalmers is a ______ driver.
6.  The _____ made Lucy sign a declaration.
7.  The Major is a very good _____.
8.  Three _____ ladies walked into the office.

C.  Change the following sentences into indirect speech:

    "I'm coming home," said the Major.
    The Major said (that) he was coming home.

1.  "I find civilian life dull and boring," said the Major.
2.  "I'll open my own school of motoring," he said.
3.  "I think I can fit you (Mrs. Carruthers) in for a trial
    lesson," said the Major.
4.  "I'm sure she'll pass," said the Major.
5.  "I'm not talking about her driving," said Mary.
6.  "I think a wig looks very businesslike," said Lucy.
7.  "Do you (Lucy) know the Highway Code?" the examiner
8.  "I'll tell everyone what a good instructor you are," said

D.  Fill in the blanks with the appropriate adjective or adverb:

    Adjectives    Adverbs            Adjectives          Adverbs

    happy         _____________      provisional         ________

    _____         unfortunately      ___________         safely

    early         _____________      capable             ________

    _____         precisely          late                ________

    sad           _____________      ___________         smoothly

    _____         slowly             terrible            ________

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