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New words and expressions

parliamentary candidate         man or woman standing for
                                election to parliament as an M.P.
                                (Member of Parliament)
adopted                         here means chosen
prospective                     future
constituency                    district represented by one
                                M.P. The people in this district
                                are called "constituents"

challenge                       a test of one's ability
campaign                        planned course of action;
                                here refers to the time (about
                                three weeks) just before an
blow up                         kill in an explosion
House of Commons                one of the two Houses of
                                Parliament (the other is the House
                                of Lords)
the line had gone dead          the connection had been broken
operator                        the telephonist at the
                                telephone exchange
headquarters                    main office
the press                       the newspapers, newspaper
engagements                     appointments
election agent                  the person who manages the
                                campaign for a parliamentary
threaten                        try to frighten
opponents                       those who are against you
                                (here refers to members of the
                                other  political parties)
cancel                          call off, do not attend
get to the bottom of the matter find out the truth about it
crank                           someone with strange ideas
housing estate                  an area with houses of the
                                same type and usually built by
                                the  same builder
the whole business              the situation
plainclothes policemen          policemen wearing civilian
                                (ordinary) clothes
sinister                        strange and frightening
hecklers                        people who interrupt a
                                speaker (usually political)
carry on                        continue
public house                    a place where wine, beer
                                and spirits can be bought and
I'm dead against it             I'm completely against it
keep a close watch on           watch carefully
mingled                         mixed
inconspicuously                 so as not to be noticed
reaction                        showing of feelings for or against

The Parliamentary Candidate
The Parliamentary Candidate (2)
The Parliamentary Candidate (3)
The Parliamentary Candidate (4)

New words and expressions

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